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Bionic mutation made by rudy/mindnever

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Be part of Mindnever team
Mindnever.org is constantly looking for talented new members. Being a musician, designer, digital painter, modeler, animator or artists in any way, and wishing to help, improve or criticise - do not hesitate to contact us! Furthermore, as our projects develop, pay attention to this site for some freelance hiring!
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SodomaLite extensions
SodomaLite is currently under heavy gameplay and visual reconstruction and redesign which gives significant changeover for SodomaLite playing concept. In addition to this, many new enviroments, ships and weapons are being integrated into completely new version!
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Mindnever multimedia and entertainment

Welcome to new Mindnever.org digital artwork portal and homepage. With more then ten years of dedication to activities covering areas such as digital art creation, festival organising and commercial and entertainment software developing, Mindnever is one of the most recognisible virtual communities in the region.

This location does not only belong to us. Our main idea is giving growing creative community a place to advertise and introduce itself. You can contribute to content of this portal by sharing useful information, links, ideas and visuals. Send us your representative artwork!

New demos for DemoScene section added and reviewed
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DemoScene section available!
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PascalGameDevelopment game competition entitled 'Big Boss' starts today!
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Added main navigation and altered main layout
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New version of Mindnever site up and running
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Mindnever services
Mindnever is active in variety of domains and offers solutions for following services:
  • game developement
  • 3d engine developement
  • graphics design and web
  • realtime multimedia
  • 3d and modelling
  • artwork and photography
  • video postprocessing

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